Graphic image may be inserted from blob, graphic field or from external graphic file, using format function fimg. For example: \fimg(a:field2)\, \fimg(a:field2,1)\.

Function format for blob and graphic fields is: \fimg(FieldName,[FormatIndex])\, where FieldName is name of data field. FormatIndex is number which is passed into OnImageFormat event. This parameter is 0 by default and is not required. You may use this number in event OnImageFormat when formatting different images in report.

Function format for variables is the same: \fimg(VarName,[FormatIndex])\. Variable VarName must contain string with filename to be inserted in the report. For example: if variable MyPicture is set to 'c:\pictures\chart1.bmp', in the report template may be string \fimg(MyPicture)\. File c:\pictures\chart1.bmp will be inserted to the result document. String constant is also allowed as argument for fimg format.

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