Full version does not fill the author and comment properties of the output document. Full version contains frtf() function, which allows to merge rich text format in output document. Full version optionally contains the source code of the components.

If you buy full version (sources) of the component:

  • You may use Ek Rtf in commercial projects.
  • You stimulate the author to make updates of components.
  • In the registered user web-site area you may download the latest updates of the product.

These above forms contains pricing information and will give you options to purchase via Allsoft Ecommerce. For pricing in USD and EUR use the links below. For pricing in RUB use the link at the right side of this page.

Ek Rtf for Delphi Win32 sources
Ek Rtf for .Net Compiled - Full version, no sources
Ek Rtf for .Net Compiled - Full version + C# sources 
You will receive link and registration info where you may download the source code (full version).